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Announcing our DjangoCon US 2024 Talks! I'm speaking at DjangoCon in Durham, NC in September.

My accepted talk title was How to design and implement extensible software with plugins. Here's my abstract:

Plugins offer a powerful way to extend software packages. Tools that support a plugin architecture include WordPress, Jupyter, VS Code and pytest - each of which benefits from an enormous array of plugins adding all kinds of new features and expanded capabilities.

Adding plugin support to an open source project can greatly reduce the friction involved in attracting new contributors. Users can work independently and even package and publish their work without needing to directly coordinate with the project's core maintainers. As a maintainer this means you can wake up one morning and your software grew new features without you even having to review a pull request!

There's one catch: information on how to design and implement plugin support for a project is scarce.

I now have three major open source projects that support plugins, with over 200 plugins published across those projects. I'll talk about everything I've learned along the way: when and how to use plugins, how to design plugin hooks and how to ensure your plugin authors have as good an experience as possible.

I'm going to be talking about what I've learned integrating Pluggy with Datasette, LLM and sqlite-utils. I've been looking for an excuse to turn this knowledge into a talk for ages, very excited to get to do it at DjangoCon!

# 17th July 2024, 3:20 am / djangocon, python, plugins, django, speaking, sqlite-utils, llm, datasette

datasette-python. I just released a small new plugin for Datasette to assist with debugging. It adds a python subcommand which runs a Python process in the same virtual environment as Datasette itself.

I built it initially to help debug some issues in Datasette installed via Homebrew. The Homebrew installation has its own virtual environment, and sometimes it can be useful to run commands like pip list in the same environment as Datasette itself.

Now you can do this:

brew install datasette
datasette install datasette-python
datasette python -m pip list

I built a similar plugin for LLM last year, called llm-python - it's proved useful enough that I duplicated the design for Datasette.

# 12th July 2024, 11:17 pm / projects, datasette, python, plugins

datasette-pins — a new Datasette plugin for pinning tables and queries. Alex Garcia built this plugin for Datasette Cloud, and as with almost every Datasette Cloud features we're releasing it as an open source package as well.

datasette-pins allows users with the right permission to "pin" tables, databases and queries to their homepage. It's a lightweight way to customize that homepage, especially useful as your Datasette instance grows to host dozens or even hundreds of tables.

# 9th May 2024, 6:29 pm / alex-garcia, datasette-cloud, datasette, plugins

llm-gpt4all. New release of my LLM plugin which builds on Nomic's excellent gpt4all Python library. I've upgraded to their latest version which adds support for Llama 3 8B Instruct, so after a 4.4GB model download this works:

llm -m Meta-Llama-3-8B-Instruct "say hi in Spanish"

# 20th April 2024, 5:58 pm / nomic, llm, plugins, projects, generative-ai, ai, llms, llama, homebrew-llms

datasette-import. A new plugin for importing data into Datasette. This is a replacement for datasette-paste, duplicating and extending its functionality. datasette-paste had grown beyond just dealing with pasted CSV/TSV/JSON data—it handles file uploads as well now—which inspired the new name.

# 6th April 2024, 10:40 pm / projects, datasette, plugins

llm-command-r. Cohere released Command R Plus today—an open weights (non commercial/research only) 104 billion parameter LLM, a big step up from their previous 35 billion Command R model.

Both models are fine-tuned for both tool use and RAG. The commercial API has features to expose this functionality, including a web-search connector which lets the model run web searches as part of answering the prompt and return documents and citations as part of the JSON response.

I released a new plugin for my LLM command line tool this morning adding support for the Command R models.

In addition to the two models it also adds a custom command for running prompts with web search enabled and listing the referenced documents.

# 4th April 2024, 5:38 pm / llm, plugins, projects, generative-ai, ai, llms, cohere, command-r, rag, llm-tool-use

llm-nomic-api-embed. My new plugin for LLM which adds API access to the Nomic series of embedding models. Nomic models can be run locally too, which makes them a great long-term commitment as there’s no risk of the models being retired in a way that damages the value of your previously calculated embedding vectors.

# 31st March 2024, 3:17 pm / llm, plugins, projects, nomic, ai, embeddings

datasette-studio. I've been thinking for a while that it might be interesting to have a version of Datasette that comes bundled with a set of useful plugins, aimed at expanding Datasette's default functionality to cover things like importing data and editing schemas.

This morning I built the very first experimental preview of what that could look like. Install it using pipx:

pipx install datasette-studio

I recommend pipx because it will ensure datasette-studio gets its own isolated environment, independent of any other Datasette installations you might have.

Now running datasette-studio instead of datasette will get you the version with the bundled plugins.

The implementation of this is fun - it's a single pyproject.toml file defining the dependencies and setting up the datasette-studio CLI hook, which is enough to provide the full set of functionality.

Is this a good idea? I don't know yet, but it's certainly an interesting initial experiment.

# 18th February 2024, 8:38 pm / datasette, python, pypi, plugins, projects

Datasette 1.0a8: JavaScript plugins, new plugin hooks and plugin configuration in datasette.yaml

I just released Datasette 1.0a8. These are the annotated release notes.

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llm-sentence-transformers 0.2. I added a new --trust-remote-code option when registering an embedding model, which means LLM can now run embeddings through the new Nomic AI nomic-embed-text-v1 model.

# 4th February 2024, 7:39 pm / llm, embeddings, plugins, projects, ai, transformers, nomic

llm-embed-onnx. I wrote a new plugin for LLM that acts as a thin wrapper around onnx_embedding_models by Benjamin Anderson, providing access to seven embedding models that can run on the ONNX model framework.

The actual plugin is around 50 lines of code, which makes for a nice example of how thin a plugin wrapper can be that adds new models to my LLM tool.

# 28th January 2024, 10:28 pm / embedding, projects, ai, llm, plugins


datasette-plot—a new Datasette Plugin for building data visualizations. I forgot to link to this here last week: Alex Garcia released the first version of datasette-plot, a brand new Datasette visualization plugin built on top of the Observable Plot charting library. We plan to use this as the new, updated alternative to my older datasette-vega plugin.

# 31st December 2023, 5:04 am / datasette, plugins, observable, visualization, alex-garcia

Many options for running Mistral models in your terminal using LLM

Visit Many options for running Mistral models in your terminal using LLM

Mistral AI is the most exciting AI research lab at the moment. They’ve now released two extremely powerful smaller Large Language Models under an Apache 2 license, and have a third much larger one that’s available via their API.

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Datasette Enrichments: a new plugin framework for augmenting your data

Visit Datasette Enrichments: a new plugin framework for augmenting your data

Today I’m releasing datasette-enrichments, a new feature for Datasette which provides a framework for applying “enrichments” that can augment your data.

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Execute Jina embeddings with a CLI using llm-embed-jina

Berlin-based Jina AI just released a new family of embedding models, boasting that they are the “world’s first open-source 8K text embedding model” and that they rival OpenAI’s text-embedding-ada-002 in quality.

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Weeknotes: Embeddings, more embeddings and Datasette Cloud

Since my last weeknotes, a flurry of activity. LLM has embeddings support now, and Datasette Cloud has driven some major improvements to the wider Datasette ecosystem.

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Introducing datasette-litestream: easy replication for SQLite databases in Datasette. We use Litestream on Datasette Cloud for streaming backups of user data to S3. Alex Garcia extracted out our implementation into a standalone Datasette plugin, which bundles the Litestream Go binary (for the relevant platform) in the package you get when you run “datasette install datasette-litestream”—so now Datasette has a very robust answer to questions about SQLite disaster recovery beyond just the Datasette Cloud platform.

# 13th September 2023, 7:28 pm / datasette-cloud, sqlite, plugins, datasette, alex-garcia, litestream

Datasette 1.0a4 and 1.0a5, plus weeknotes

Two new alpha releases of Datasette, plus a keynote at WordCamp, a new LLM release, two new LLM plugins and a flurry of TILs.

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Datasette Cloud, Datasette 1.0a3, llm-mlc and more

Visit Datasette Cloud, Datasette 1.0a3, llm-mlc and more

Datasette Cloud is now a significant step closer to general availability. The Datasette 1.03 alpha release is out, with a mostly finalized JSON format for 1.0. Plus new plugins for LLM and sqlite-utils and a flurry of things I’ve learned.

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Introducing datasette-write-ui: a Datasette plugin for editing, inserting, and deleting rows. Alex García is working with me on Datasette Cloud for the next few months, graciously sponsored by Fly. We will be working in public, releasing open source code and documenting how to build a multi-tenant SaaS product using Fly Machines.

Alex’s first project is datasette-write-ui, a plugin that finally lets you directly edit data stored inside Datasette. Alex wrote about the plugin on our new Datasette Cloud blog.

# 16th August 2023, 1:48 am / fly, datasette-cloud, plugins, datasette, alex-garcia

llm-mlc (via) My latest plugin for LLM adds support for models that use the MLC Python library—which is the first library I’ve managed to get to run Llama 2 with GPU acceleration on my M2 Mac laptop.

# 12th August 2023, 5:33 am / llm, projects, generative-ai, mlc, ai, llms, plugins

Weeknotes: Plugins for LLM, sqlite-utils and Datasette

Visit Weeknotes: Plugins for LLM, sqlite-utils and Datasette

The principle theme for the past few weeks has been plugins.

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Run Llama 2 on your own Mac using LLM and Homebrew

Llama 2 is the latest commercially usable openly licensed Large Language Model, released by Meta AI a few weeks ago. I just released a new plugin for my LLM utility that adds support for Llama 2 and many other llama-cpp compatible models.

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sqlite-utils now supports plugins

Visit sqlite-utils now supports plugins

sqlite-utils 3.34 is out with a major new feature: support for plugins.

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Accessing Llama 2 from the command-line with the llm-replicate plugin

Visit Accessing Llama 2 from the command-line with the llm-replicate plugin

The big news today is Llama 2, the new openly licensed Large Language Model from Meta AI. It’s a really big deal:

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Weeknotes: Self-hosted language models with LLM plugins, a new Datasette tutorial, a dozen package releases, a dozen TILs

A lot of stuff to cover from the past two and a half weeks.

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Weeknotes: A bunch of things I learned this week, plus datasette-explain

Visit Weeknotes: A bunch of things I learned this week, plus datasette-explain

The Datasette table view refactor, JSON redesign and ?_extra= continues this week, mainly in this ongoing pull request and this tracking issue.

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Making SQLite extensions pip install-able (via) Alex Garcia figured out how to bundle a compiled SQLite extension in a Python wheel (building different wheels for different platforms) and publish them to PyPI. This is a huge leap forward in terms of the usability of SQLite extensions, which have previously been pretty difficult to actually install and run. Alex also created Datasette plugins that depend on his packages, so you can now “datasette install datasette-sqlite-regex” (or datasette-sqlite-ulid, datasette-sqlite-fastrand, datasette-sqlite-jsonschema) to gain access to his custom SQLite extensions in your Datasette instance. It even works with “datasette publish --install” to deploy to Vercel, and Cloud Run.

# 6th February 2023, 7:44 pm / sqlite, plugins, datasette, python, pip, alex-garcia

datasette-scraper, Big Local News and other weeknotes

Visit datasette-scraper, Big Local News and other weeknotes

In addition to exploring the new MusicCaps training and evaluation data I’ve been working on the big Datasette JSON refactor, and getting excited about a Datasette project that I didn’t work on at all.

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datasette-scraper walkthrough on YouTube (via) datasette-scraper is Colin Dellow’s new plugin that turns Datasette into a powerful web scraping tool, with a web UI based on plugin-driven customizations to the Datasette interface. It’s really impressive, and this ten minute demo shows quite how much it is capable of: it can crawl sitemaps and fetch pages, caching them (using zstandard with optional custom dictionaries for extra compression) to speed up subsequent crawls... and you can add your own plugins to extract structured data from crawled pages and save it to a separate SQLite table!

# 29th January 2023, 5:23 am / scraping, datasette, plugins, colin-dellow