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sqlite-utils is a Python library and command-line utility for creating and manipulating SQLite databases.


Weeknotes: GPT-4o mini, LLM 0.15, sqlite-utils 3.37 and building a staging environment

Upgrades to LLM to support the latest models, and a whole bunch of invisible work building out a staging environment for Datasette Cloud.

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Announcing our DjangoCon US 2024 Talks! I'm speaking at DjangoCon in Durham, NC in September.

My accepted talk title was How to design and implement extensible software with plugins. Here's my abstract:

Plugins offer a powerful way to extend software packages. Tools that support a plugin architecture include WordPress, Jupyter, VS Code and pytest - each of which benefits from an enormous array of plugins adding all kinds of new features and expanded capabilities.

Adding plugin support to an open source project can greatly reduce the friction involved in attracting new contributors. Users can work independently and even package and publish their work without needing to directly coordinate with the project's core maintainers. As a maintainer this means you can wake up one morning and your software grew new features without you even having to review a pull request!

There's one catch: information on how to design and implement plugin support for a project is scarce.

I now have three major open source projects that support plugins, with over 200 plugins published across those projects. I'll talk about everything I've learned along the way: when and how to use plugins, how to design plugin hooks and how to ensure your plugin authors have as good an experience as possible.

I'm going to be talking about what I've learned integrating Pluggy with Datasette, LLM and sqlite-utils. I've been looking for an excuse to turn this knowledge into a talk for ages, very excited to get to do it at DjangoCon!

# 17th July 2024, 3:20 am / django, djangocon, plugins, python, speaking, datasette, sqlite-utils, llm

fastlite (via) New Python library from Jeremy Howard that adds some neat utility functions and syntactic sugar to my sqlite-utils Python library, specifically for interactive use in Jupyter notebooks.

The autocomplete support through newly exposed dynamic properties is particularly neat, as is the diagram(db.tables) utility for rendering a graphviz diagram showing foreign key relationships between all of the tables.

# 27th May 2024, 9:14 pm / python, sqlite, jupyter, sqlite-utils, jeremy-howard


Weeknotes: datasette-enrichments, datasette-comments, sqlite-chronicle

Visit Weeknotes: datasette-enrichments, datasette-comments, sqlite-chronicle

I’ve mainly been working on Datasette Enrichments and continuing to explore the possibilities enabled by sqlite-chronicle.

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Weeknotes: DevDay, GitHub Universe, OpenAI chaos

Three weeks of conferences and Datasette Cloud work, four days of chaos for OpenAI.

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DALL-E 3, GPT4All, PMTiles, sqlite-migrate, datasette-edit-schema

Visit DALL-E 3, GPT4All, PMTiles, sqlite-migrate, datasette-edit-schema

I wrote a lot this week. I also did some fun research into new options for self-hosting vector maps and pushed out several new releases of plugins.

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Weeknotes: Embeddings, more embeddings and Datasette Cloud

Since my last weeknotes, a flurry of activity. LLM has embeddings support now, and Datasette Cloud has driven some major improvements to the wider Datasette ecosystem.

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Datasette 1.0a4 and 1.0a5, plus weeknotes

Two new alpha releases of Datasette, plus a keynote at WordCamp, a new LLM release, two new LLM plugins and a flurry of TILs.

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Datasette Cloud, Datasette 1.0a3, llm-mlc and more

Visit Datasette Cloud, Datasette 1.0a3, llm-mlc and more

Datasette Cloud is now a significant step closer to general availability. The Datasette 1.03 alpha release is out, with a mostly finalized JSON format for 1.0. Plus new plugins for LLM and sqlite-utils and a flurry of things I’ve learned.

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Weeknotes: Plugins for LLM, sqlite-utils and Datasette

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The principle theme for the past few weeks has been plugins.

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sqlite-utils now supports plugins

Visit sqlite-utils now supports plugins

sqlite-utils 3.34 is out with a major new feature: support for plugins.

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Weeknotes: Self-hosted language models with LLM plugins, a new Datasette tutorial, a dozen package releases, a dozen TILs

A lot of stuff to cover from the past two and a half weeks.

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Migrating out of PostHaven. Amjith Ramanujam decided to migrate his blog content from PostHaven to a Markdown static site. He used shot-scraper (shelled out to from a Python script) to scrape his existing content using a snippet of JavaScript, wrote the content to a SQLite database using sqlite-utils, then used markdownify (new to me, a neat Python package for converting HTML to Markdown via BeautifulSoup) to write the content to disk as Markdown.

# 24th May 2023, 7:38 pm / beautifulsoup, markdown, sqlite-utils, shot-scraper

Trogon (via) The latest project from the Textualize/Rich crew, Trogon provides a Python decorator—@tui—which, when applied to a Click CLI application, adds a new interactive TUI mode which introspects the available subcommands and their options and creates a full Text User Interface—with keyboard and mouse support—for assembling invocations of those various commands.

I just shipped sqlite-utils 3.32 with support for this—it uses an optional dependency, so you’ll need to run “sqlite-utils install trogon” and then “sqlite-utils tui” to try it out.

# 21st May 2023, 9:39 pm / cli, projects, python, sqlite-utils

Weeknotes: sqlite-utils 3.31, download-esm, Python in a sandbox

A couple of speaking appearances last week—one planned, one unplanned. Plus sqlite-utils 3.31, download-esm and a new TIL.

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Data analysis with SQLite and Python for PyCon 2023

Visit Data analysis with SQLite and Python for PyCon 2023

I’m at PyCon 2023 in Salt Lake City this week.

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Designing a write API for Datasette

Building out Datasette Cloud has made one thing clear to me: Datasette needs a write API for ingesting new data into its attached SQLite databases.

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Exploring the training data behind Stable Diffusion

Visit Exploring the training data behind Stable Diffusion

Two weeks ago, the Stable Diffusion image generation model was released to the public. I wrote about this last week, in Stable Diffusion is a really big deal—a post which has since become one of the top ten results for “stable diffusion” on Google and shown up in all sorts of different places online.

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Cleaning data with sqlite-utils and Datasette (via) I wrote a new tutorial for the Datasette website, showing how to use sqlite-utils to import a CSV file, clean up the resulting schema, fix date formats and extract some of the columns into a separate table. It’s accompanied by a ten minute video originally recorded for the HYTRADBOI conference.

# 31st July 2022, 7:57 pm / documentation, tutorials, datasette, sqlite-utils

Weeknotes: Joining the board of the Python Software Foundation

Visit Weeknotes: Joining the board of the Python Software Foundation

A few weeks ago I was elected to the board of directors for the Python Software Foundation.

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Weeknotes: Datasette, sqlite-utils, Datasette Desktop

A flurry of releases this week, including a new Datasette alpha and a fixed Datasette Desktop.

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WarcDB (via) Florents Tselai built this tool for loading web crawl data stored in WARC (Web ARChive) format into a SQLite database for smaller-scale analysis with SQL, on top of my sqlite-utils Python library.

# 19th June 2022, 6:08 pm / archiving, sqlite, sqlite-utils

Weeknotes: datasette-socrata, and the last 10%...

... takes 90% of the work. I continue to work towards a preview of the new Datasette Cloud, and keep finding new “just one more things” to delay inviting in users.

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sqlite-utils: a nice way to import data into SQLite for analysis (via) Julia Evans on my sqlite-utils Python library and CLI tool.

# 13th May 2022, 6:17 pm / sqlite, julia-evans, sqlite-utils

sqlite-utils 3.26.1 (via) I released sqlite-utils 3.36.1 with one tiny but exciting feature: I fixed its one dependency that wasn’t published as a pure Python wheel, which means it can now be used with Pyodide—Python compiled to WebAssembly running in your browser!

# 2nd May 2022, 6:43 pm / python, webassembly, sqlite-utils, pyodide

Building a Covid sewage Twitter bot (and other weeknotes)

Visit Building a Covid sewage Twitter bot (and other weeknotes)

I built a new Twitter bot today: @covidsewage. It tweets a daily screenshot of the latest Covid sewage monitoring data published by Santa Clara county.

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Weeknotes: datasette-auth0

Datasette 0.61, a Twitter Space and a new Datasette plugin for authenticating against Auth0.

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Google Drive to SQLite

Visit Google Drive to SQLite

I released a new tool this week: google-drive-to-sqlite. It’s a CLI utility for fetching metadata about files in your Google Drive and writing them to a local SQLite database.

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Weeknotes: python_requires, documentation SEO

Visit Weeknotes: python_requires, documentation SEO

Fixed Datasette on Python 3.6 for the last time. Worked on documentation infrastructure improvements. Spent some time with Fly Volumes.

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What’s new in sqlite-utils 3.20 and 3.21: --lines, --text, --convert

sqlite-utils is my combined CLI tool and Python library for manipulating SQLite databases. Consider this the annotated release notes for sqlite-utils 3.20 and 3.21, both released in the past week.

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