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Wednesday, 20th July 2022

The Checkered Flag Diagram for visualizing SQL joins. I really like this alternative to Venn diagrams for showing the difference between different types of SQL join (left join, right join, cross join etc).

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Visual Studio Code: Development Process (via) A detailed description of the development process used by VS Code: a 6-12 month high level roadmap, then month long iterations that each result in a new version that is shipped to users. Includes details of how the four weeks of each iteration are spent too.

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Weeknotes: Datasette, sqlite-utils, Datasette Desktop

A flurry of releases this week, including a new Datasette alpha and a fixed Datasette Desktop.

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How John Wiseman tracks worldwide GPS interference (via) Part of the ADS-B signals broadcast by commercial aircraft include a measure of GPS accuracy. By collecting global data every day, John is able to generate a map of areas that are experiencing higher than expected GPS interference, which generally corresponds to military jamming technology. He sometimes posts the resulting maps on Twitter—he just picked up increasing jamming activity around Moscow.

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