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Sunday, 24th July 2022

Sqitch tutorial for SQLite (via) Sqitch is an interesting implementation of database migrations: it’s a command-line tool written in Perl with an interface similar to Git, providing commands to create, run, revert and track migration scripts. The scripts the selves are written as SQL in whichever database engine you are using. The tutorial for SQLite gives a good idea as to how the whole system works. # 11:44 pm

You should take more screenshots (via) Alex Chan suggests saving screenshots of your work, since they may well last a lot longer than the projects themselves. I try to do that these days but I have SO many projects from the past that I didn’t capture in this way, and that I really regret not keeping a better visual record of. # 9:03 pm

I discovered a while ago that all those errors and bugs that only appear when you demo something to an audience also magically appear when you record yourself demoing it to nobody. Maybe narrating a feature to a pretend audience takes the blinders off enough that you notice little mistakes you wouldn’t have otherwise.

karaterobot # 8:59 pm

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