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Django SQL Dashboard adds a read-only PostgreSQL SQL dashboard interface to a Django project.


Blogmarks that use markdown. I needed to attach a correction to an older blogmark (my 20-year old name for short-form links with commentary on my blog) today - but the commentary field has always been text, not HTML, so I didn't have a way to add the necessary link.

This motivated me to finally add optional Markdown support for blogmarks to my blog's custom Django CMS. I then went through and added inline code markup to a bunch of different older posts, and built this Django SQL Dashboard to keep track of which posts I had updated.

# 25th April 2024, 4:34 am / blogging, projects, markdown, django-sql-dashboard

My blog’s year archive pages now have tag clouds (via) Inspired by the tag cloud I used in my recent 2023 AI roundup post, I decided to add a tag cloud to the top of every one of my archive-by-year pages showing what topics I had spent the most time with that year.

I already had old code for this, so I pasted it into GPT-4 along with an example of the output of my JSON endpoint from Django SQL Dashboard and had it do most of the work for me.

# 4th January 2024, 9:02 pm / projects, ai, django-sql-dashboard, chatgpt, llms


Everything new in Datasette since January, plus Django SQL Dashboard. I sent out the first Datasette newsletter since late January this year, covering everything that’s new in Datasette and sqlite-utils this year and introducing Django SQL Dashboard.

# 10th August 2021, 1:28 am / datasette, sqlite-utils, django-sql-dashboard

Django SQL Dashboard 1.0

Visit Django SQL Dashboard 1.0

Earlier this week I released Django SQL Dashboard 1.0. I also just released 1.0.1, with a bug fix for PostgreSQL 10 contributed by Ryan Cheley.

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PAGNIs: Probably Are Gonna Need Its

Luke Page has a great post up with his list of YAGNI exceptions.

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Django SQL Dashboard 1.0 (via) As part of my ongoing attempt to be braver about 1.0 releases (crucial if you want to do semantic versioning properly) I’ve released version 1.0 of Django SQL Dashboard, my Datasette-inspired app for Django that adds an interface for running read-only, bookmarkable SQL queries against a PostgreSQL database. The new version adds a column cog menu providing shortcuts for changing the sort order, counting distinct values and performing a group-by/count against column values.

# 1st July 2021, 5:44 pm / django, projects, sql, django-sql-dashboard

Weeknotes: Velma, more Django SQL Dashboard

Matching locations for Vaccinate The States, fun with GeoJSON and more improvements to Django SQL Dashboard.

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Django SQL Dashboard

Visit Django SQL Dashboard

I’ve released the first non-alpha version of Django SQL Dashboard, which provides an interface for running arbitrary read-only SQL queries directly against a PostgreSQL database, protected by the Django authentication scheme. It can also be used to create saved dashboards that can be published or shared internally.

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Weeknotes: Vaccinate The States, and how I learned that returning dozens of MB of JSON works just fine these days

Visit Weeknotes: Vaccinate The States, and how I learned that returning dozens of MB of JSON works just fine these days

On Friday VaccinateCA grew in scope, a lot: we launched a new website called Vaccinate The States. Patrick McKenzie wrote more about the project here—the short version is that we’re building the most comprehensive possible dataset of vaccine availability in the USA, using a combination of data collation, online research and continuing to make a huge number of phone calls.

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Weeknotes: django-sql-dashboard widgets

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A few small releases this week, for django-sql-dashboard, datasette-auth-passwords and datasette-publish-vercel.

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VIAL is now live, plus django-sql-dashboard

Our new Django backend has now officially graduated from preview mode! We’ve been running it to collect caller reports for Oregon for over a week now, and today we finally turned off the old Heroku app and promoted to be the place that our caller app writes to.

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Weeknotes: tableau-to-sqlite, django-sql-dashboard

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This week I started a limited production run of my new backend for Vaccinate CA calling, built a tableau-to-sqlite import tool and started working on a subset of Datasette for PostgreSQL and Django called django-sql-dashboard.

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