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A CSV export, JSON import workflow for bulk updating our data

I just added missing counties to around 1200 of our locations using a combination of tricks, and I thought they’d make a good blog post.

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VIAL: Preparing for some collaborative testing

With the Airtable limits fast approaching, I’m going to start leaning heavily on people to help verify that VIAL can do the jobs that it needs to do.

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The Airtable formulas at the heart of everything

While working on building a Counties.json API endpoint for VIAL I realized I wasn’t entirely sure how the “Total reports” and “Yeses” numbers in this piece of JSON were calculated:

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VIAL is now live, plus django-sql-dashboard

Our new Django backend has now officially graduated from preview mode! We’ve been running it to collect caller reports for Oregon for over a week now, and today we finally turned off the old Heroku app and promoted to be the place that our caller app writes to.

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APIs for importing locations

An important aspect of the new backend is the ability to import new locations.

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New call queue ready to test. Also geography.

I just shipped the first working preview version of the new /api/requestCall API [#54]—the API that our caller app uses to get the next location that the caller should be contacting (and lock it so that other users don’t call it at the same time).

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The simplest possible call queue

Today I’ve been working on the queue calling mechanism for the new Django backend.

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Replaying logs to exercise the new API

22 days ago n1mmy pushed a change to help.vaccinate which logged full details of inoming Netlify function API traffic to an Airtable database.

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API ready for testing, first video status update

To celebrate GitHub’s new support for drag-and-dropping mp4 files into Markdown, I decided to switch things around a little and include a video update with today’s blog entry.

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Drawing the rest of the owl

My ambitious goal for the day was to get the new Django/PostgreSQL preview into a state where we could start sending example API requests to it from the help.vaccinate app.

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Django admin customization, JSON in our PostgreSQL

My progress slowed a bit today as I started digging into some things I’m less familiar with—but I’ve found some tricks that I think will help us out a lot.

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Importing data from Airtable into Django, plus a search engine for all our code

I made a bunch of progress on the Django backend prototype-that-soon-won’t-be-a-prototype today.

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Spinning up a new Django app to act as a backend for VaccinateCA

My goal by the end of this week is to have a working proof of concept for a Django + PostgreSQL app that can replace Airtable as the principle backend for the site. This proof of concept will allow us to make a go or no-go decision and figure out what else needs to be implemented before we can start using it to track calls.

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Getting started

Here we go then... I’ve signed up to work on this project full-time, four days a week!

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