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The Airtable formulas at the heart of everything

23rd March 2021

Originally posted to my internal blog at VaccinateCA

While working on building a Counties.json API endpoint for VIAL I realized I wasn’t entirely sure how the “Total reports” and “Yeses” numbers in this piece of JSON were calculated:

      "County": "Glenn County",
      "County vaccination reservations URL": "",
      "Facebook Page": "",
      "Notes": "(Updated: March 22) **Eligibility**: 65+, A...",
      "Total reports": 11,
      "Twitter Page": "",
      "Vaccine info URL": "",
      "Yeses": 3,
      "id": "rec0QOd7EXzSuZZvN"

This lead down the fascinating rabbit-hole that is our Airtable formulas. Numbers like this are calculated using a combination of Airtable Rollups and Airtable Formulas, which invisibly form the heart of our entire organization.

Of particular interest: the “Latest report yes?” column on Locations, currently defined like this:

    SEARCH("Vaccinating essential workers", ARRAYJOIN({Availability Info})) != "",
    SEARCH("Scheduling second dose only", ARRAYJOIN({Availability Info})) != "",
    SEARCH("Yes", ARRAYJOIN({Availability Info})) != ""
  1, 0

Here are screenshots I gathered as I followed them back to figure out how they worked:

County “Yeses”:


County total reports:


County percentage yes:


These rollups use formulas on the Locations table:

Latest report:


Number of reports:


Latest report yes?


And a bonus one: here’s is_callable_now which I need to better understand how our call targetting works:

    {Do not call until} = BLANK(),
    {Do not call until} < NOW()
    {Next available to app flow} = BLANK(),
    {Next available to app flow} < NOW()
  {Phone number}


This is The Airtable formulas at the heart of everything by Simon Willison, posted on 23rd March 2021.

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