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Tuesday, 17th July 2007

How Top Bloggers Earn Money. Interesting numbers on BoingBoing, I can has Cheezburger, TechCrunch and more.

# 11 pm / blogging, boingboing, icanhascheezburger, money, techcrunch

Conflicting Absolute Positions. Neat technique, although it uses CSS expressions for IE compatibility so it may break down in IE 5 and 6 when JavaScript is disabled.

# 10:44 pm / alistapart, css, ie, javascript, rob-swan

A look back: Bram Cohen vs Linus Torvalds. Makes the case that Git has proved Linus Torvald correct on every point of his infamous debate with Bram Cohen back in 2005.

# 10:29 pm / 2005, bram-cohen, debate, git, linus-torvalds, versioncontrol, wincent-colaiuta

Just what web server should be sitting in front of my Rails application? Includes some interesting notes about Varnish, PHK’s high performance, highly configurable front-end caching server (essentially a much more modern version of Squid).

# 1:29 pm / jason-hoffman, joyent, nginx, phk, rails, squid, varnish

Made in China. Bunnie Huang’s fascinating series on manufacturing in China, based on his experience with Chumby.

# 11:48 am / bunniehuang, china, chumby

Never use a warning when you mean undo. The abundance of “undo” is one of my favourite things about Gmail. I wonder if there’s anything Django could do to make implementing undo functionality easier...

# 11 am / alistapart, django, gmail, undo, usability, warning

Understanding Engineers: Feasibility. Charles Miller provides smart definitions of what programmers mean when they say “impossible”, “trivial”, “unfeasible”, “non-trivial”, “hard” and “very hard”.

# 10:24 am / charles-miller, hard, language, nontrivial, programmers, programming, trivial, unfeasible, veryhard

ThingDB. Another extensible key/value pair data store, constructed for the Open Library based on Aaron Swartz’s Infogami technology.

# 10:21 am / aaron-swartz, infogami, openlibrary, postgresql, python, thingdb

Low Pro Behaviours 101. A neatly packaged method of enhancing an existing DOM element with pre-packaged behaviours.

# 10:09 am / behaviours, dan-webb, dom, javascript, lowpro, prototype

Python Tuples are Not Just Constant Lists. “The index in a tuple has an implied semantic”.

# 7:53 am / james-tauber, python, tuples

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