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Sunday, 8th July 2007

Introduction to Abject-Oriented Programming. The best part is the comments, where several people completely fail to get the joke.

# 6:24 am / abject, funny, programming, wtf

MooTools is not compatible with any other javascript framework. If you "definitely need to work with prototype" (which you don't, since the frameworks each provide all the functionality you need to use only one or the other) then learn how to do what you want to do in prototype. Otherwise, learn to use MooTools to do all the things you want to do. They simply do not work together, and I promise they never will.

Tom Occhino

# 7:29 am / javascript, libraries, mootools, prototype A campaign to encourage a mass switchover from PHP 4 to PHP 5 on February 8th 2008, by co-ordinating both hosting companies and PHP projects.

# 10:08 am / hosting, php, php5

Unpacking the Zeitgeist. On WoW corpse spamming: “There are thirty years’ worth of future shock condensed into this one news item [...] a harsh warning about the difficulty of accurately portraying plausible futures in literature.”

# 5:36 pm / charliestross, futurism, sciencefiction, worldofwarcraft

Proposal for foaf:openid property. It looks like OpenID will be added to the FOAF spec in the not so distant future.

# 10:39 pm / foaf, openid

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