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Wednesday, 4th July 2007

AND donate entire Netherlands to OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap just got a whole lot bigger. # 8:26 pm Nicely designed new local business review site, London only but going UK wide soon. OpenID enabled! # 8:24 pm

UnicodeBranch: Porting Applications. A checklist for porting Django applications to handle the new unicode changes. If your application only handles ASCII text at the moment you shouldn’t have to change a thing. # 2:41 pm

Unicode data in Django. Documentation for Django’s new unicode support. # 2:24 pm

Django changeset 5609. “Merged Unicode branch into trunk. This should be fully backwards compatible for all practical purposes.” # 2:22 pm

PyMOTW: subprocess. Better documentation for the swiss army knife of process control tools. # 10:18 am

Optimizing Web Applications and Content for iPhone (via) Apple’s iPhone developer documentation. # 1:58 am

SlideShare: Webapps scalability. Lots of great presentations on scaling, from Twitter, Digg, Vox, LiveJournal, and more. # 12:53 am

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