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Wednesday, 11th July 2007

pybraces. I didn’t know this was possible: a source level filter implemented as a custom -*- encoding: braces -*-

# 2:48 pm / braces, encoding, hack, python, tim-hatch

NestedVM. Provides binary translation from a GCC compiled MIPS binary to a Java class file, letting you run anything supported by GCC on the JVM with no source changes.

# 2:52 pm / compilers, gcc, java, nestedvm

It's easier for our software to compete with Linux when there's piracy than when there's not. Are you kidding? You can get the real thing, and you get the same price.

Bill Gates

# 3:09 pm / bill-gates, china, linux, piracy, salon

Return of the HTTP overhead delay. Christian proposes a neat way of improving page performance, by delaying non-essential images such as avatars until after the rest of the page has loaded.

# 3:12 pm / avatars, christian-heilmann, http, images, javascript, onload, performance

gSculpt. Powerful open source modelling software, written in Python and demonstrated (to much applause) as the last lightning talk of EuroPython 2007.

# 11:48 pm / 3d, europython, europython2007, gsculpt, modelling, open-source, python

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