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Friday, 13th July 2007

Virgin Mobile Botches Creative Commons-Driven Ad Campaign. Virgin Mobile Australia used CC Flickr photos (and added offensive captions) for an ad campaign, but failed to get model releases from the people in the photos. Hopefully this won’t result in a backlash against CC; it’s Virgin who are at fault. # 4:57 pm

Making OpenID really really easy. I’ve been thinking along very similar lines: OpenID providers can construct a user’s OpenID URL for them by asking for a site that they use (AOL / LiveJournal / WordPress etc) and their username on that service. # 7:28 am

An OpenID provider should catalogue the sites that a user logs into and automatically construct a homepage for them. That way, not only do the users have the convenience of having their favourite websites automatically bookmarked and readily available, but (with a little help from the consumers), they don’t have to log into the individual sites at all.

Bogtha # 7:26 am

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