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Thursday, 5th July 2007

The music companies are in a dying business, and they know it. Sure, they act all cool because they hang around with rock stars. But beneath all the glamour these guys are actually operating two very low-tech businesses. One is a form of loan-sharking: they put up money to make records, then force recording artists to pay the money back with exorbitant interest. The other business is distribution.

Fake Steve Jobs # 12:03 pm

Let there be web divisions. A call to arms from Jeffrey Zeldman: organisations need Web divisions that operate separately from Marketing and IT. # 1:34 am

The Django Web Application Framework. I’m slowly pushing my presentations from the past couple of years up to Slideshare. This is a Django talk from April 2006, so it’s a little out of date. # 1:07 am

Clever Caching. Instead of invalidating your cache directly, bump a version number on your model (blog entry or whatever) and use that as part of the cache key. This also gives you dynamic etags for free. # 12:56 am

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things

Phil Karlton # 12:46 am

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