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Friday, 20th July 2007

Undelete in Django. Inspired by the conversation about undo the other day, Nathan Ostgard created a simple solution based around custom managers and a trashed_at model field. # 6:54 pm

mod_proxy_balancer gets a thumbs up. Chris Miles explains mod_proxy_balance’s hot spare feature. nginx doesn’t appear to support this, unless I’ve missed something in the documentation. # 5:44 pm

Announcing Babel. Impressive new Python i18n / l10n package, with improved message extraction and a huge amount of bundled locale data. # 12:20 pm

Friends, Followers, and Notifications. Twitter drops the confusing distinction between “friend” and “follow”—now it’s just “follow”. The less sites that demand I reduce friendship to a binary decision the better. # 10:59 am

E-Trade financial tried using a RSA fob as a second factor of authentication, but as of their 11/07/06 financial report their fraud losses continue to increase. That said, they considered this program a success because users indicated they feel safer and are more likely to provide assets.

Usable Security # 10:31 am

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