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Monday, 30th July 2007

Mouseover DOM Inspector v2.0. Steve Chipman’s excellent debugging bookmarklet created back in 2005—includes useful keyboard shortcuts for quickly manipulating the DOM of the current page. # 5:13 pm

XRAY web developer’s suite (via) Smart new bookmarklet from westciv—kind of like Steve Chipman’s MODI but with the addition of the canvas element for box model visualisation. # 5:11 pm

Django weekly roundup: July 30. Every active open source project needs something like this. # 5:03 pm

Top 10 dotcoms to watch. From the Guardian—Dopplr and Moo both get a mention. # 2:19 pm

Scale rails from one box to three, four and five. Excellent, concise run-down of what it takes to scale a web application. Most of the advice is easily portable to other frameworks. # 1:40 pm

YUI-based Image Cropper Widget. Nice implementation of a useful widget. # 12:56 pm

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