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Thursday, 26th July 2007

tesseract-ocr. Open source OCR, sponsored by Google. I just sat in on a talk on this at OSCON and the complexity of the problem is pretty incredible. # 8:23 pm

mod_wsgi 1.0 Release Candiate Available. mod_wsgi is shaping up to be an excellent alternative to mod_python. # 8:21 pm

High Scalability (via) New blog about building scalable, reliable sites. # 8:15 pm

Mozilla and IronPython: IronMonkey. Interesting to note that all three new Mozilla projects are being lead by experienced Python developers. # 8:07 pm

Brendan Eich: New Projects. Exciting new projects from Mozilla. ActionMonkey is joined by IronMonkey (IronPython/IronRuby on Tamarin) and ScreamingMonkey (Tamarin for IE). Upgrading IE’s JavaScript using the Flash Player as a vector is a game-changing idea. # 8:05 pm

Twitter / Natalie: Its announced and official... We’re both moving to Brighton in September. # 5:22 pm

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