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Thursday, 19th July 2007

Seasoning Templates. “Designing a template language is a lot like seasoning a dish; there’s a whole range of tastes out there.” # 6:04 pm

Personal names around the world. I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable about firstname/lastname fields in forms. Now I know why. # 12:54 pm

MOO Stickers. Launched today (party this evening). 90 stickers in a book for a fiver seems very reasonable indeed. # 12:14 pm

Wikispaces OpenID Support. You can create new accounts there, but they haven’t hooked up association with existing accounts yet (that’s coming soon). # 9:23 am

Logic in Templates. I don’t think it would hurt Django to have a bit more support for conditional logic in templates, but I wouldn’t go as far as supporting the ability to call Python functions directly. # 8:35 am

Every mashup attempts to expand until it can do social networking. Those that can’t are replaced by those that can.

John Panzer # 8:26 am

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