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Django on Dreamhost: incomplete headers. Calling your file dispatch.fcgi (as opposed to django.fcgi) fixes the problem. # 3rd December 2006, 7:04 pm

Google Mondrian. Internal Google application, powered in part by Django! # 1st December 2006, 11:27 am

LUG Radio Live and Ask Later

I attended two grassroots technology events in the past two weeks: LUG Radio Live 2006 and London Ask Later (previously known as Techa Kucha night, name changed after some emails from the holders of the UK Pecha Kucha trademark). Both were excellent events in their own right, and great examples of event organisation done on a small to non-existent budget.

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Django and JSON. Neat trick to serialize Djange QuerySets as JSON. # 20th June 2006, 8:16 am

Speaking gigs

I’ve been doing a fair amount of public speaking recently, based on the principle that the only way to get good at it is to get a lot of practise. My last two talks were a session on Django and Web Application Frameworks at the ACCU 2006 conference and a talk on the Yahoo! Developer Network for NMK’s Beers and Innovation series.

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Subversion tips: working with branches. Django gets a mention for best practices. # 13th February 2006, 3:20 pm

Happy New Year!

It’s just gone midnight here in England (I’m in Exeter for the new year), so Happy New Year to all. Top weblog-related priority for 2006: upgrade this aging heap of badly written object-oriented PHP to something better. I’ll try and get some good content flowing more regularly as well.

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Notes on public speaking

I’m pretty inexperienced as a public speaker, but somehow I landed two speaking gigs in as many weeks recently and learnt some useful lessons about presenting in the process.

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Django gods—Uncyclopedia. Utterly bizzare. I do like squirrels though. # 7th October 2005, 3:45 pm

Django and Rails London meetup

Here’s a date for your diary: Sam Newman is arranging a meetup for Django and Rails enthusiasts (and anyone else with an interest) on Monday the 5th of September at 7pm in Smiths of Smithfield. If you want to attend, leave a comment on Sam’s entry to give an idea of numbers. I’m signed up—it should be a fun evening.

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How Django processes a request

I’ve decided to kick-start some architecture documentation for Django by describing how the core request handling mechanism in Django works. I’m talking about the part of Django that takes a request from a browser and turns it in to a response—I won’t be discussing the template system, object-relational mapper or automated admin interface, which are all separate components; in fact, you don’t need to use any of those to build a Django application.

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Exciting developments with Django

The amount of activity surrounding the Django web framework since its not-quite release a few weeks ago is amazing. Adrian, Jacob and Wilson have been working over-time, with 395 check-ins to source control since the 13th of July. They’ve added WSGI support, a development web server, unit-tests, a ton of documentation, SQLite support, database introspection and dozens of other feature tweaks and bug fixes. Check out the project Timeline for an idea of just how frenetic things have been.

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Introducing Django

You may know that I spent a year working in Kansas for a local newspaper—the Lawrence Journal-World. I’m delighted to announce that a decent chunk of the software I worked on there is now available as open-source, in the form of the Django web framework.

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