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Thursday, 31st May 2007

RSS Bling goes Offline with Google Gears. Google Gears is Google’s new offline JavaScript framework. Dion Almaer (a Google employee) has a nice example of code using Google Gears on Ajaxian.

# 8:27 am / ajaxian, dion-almaer, google, google-gears, javascript, offline

Dojo Offline on Google Gears. “The great news is that the Dojo crew were in the loop wrt this project, and Brad has ported Dojo Offline to use Google Gears as the base platform.”

# 8:28 am / brad-neuberg, dojo, dojooffline, google, google-gears, javascript, offline

Apollo will include Google Gears technology. Looks like Google really worked on the partnerships for this one.

# 8:30 am / apollo, google, google-gears, javascript, offline

Review Board. VMWare release a slick looking Django-powered code review system, with hooks in to Subversion and Perforce.

# 8:32 am / codereview, django, perforce, subversion, vmware

Cross Domain Frame Communication with Fragment Identifiers. Google are using this crazy iframe/fragment trick for their new Mapplets API.

# 2:15 pm / google, google-maps, hack, iframes, javascript