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Thursday, 3rd May 2007

Crabfu SteamWorks. More awesome steam-powered robots. # 11:57 pm

Actual Steampunk Star Wars! I-Wei Huang made a steam-powered R2-D2. # 11:56 pm

... Facebook has roughly 200 dedicated memcached servers in its production environment, plus a small number of others for development and so on. A few of those 200 are hot spares. They are all 16GB 4-core AMD64 boxes, just because that’s where the price/performance sweet spot is for us right now.

Steve Grimm # 10:36 pm

Dynamic Language Runtime. Miguel de Icaza describes how Microsoft’s new Dynamic Language Runtime lets you call JavaScript and Visual Basic functions from Ruby. Looks like they beat Parrot to the punch. # 10:29 pm

Introduction and Yahoo! Pipes. The official Google Maps API blog describes how to plot KML output from Yahoo! Pipes. # 10 pm