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Monday, 7th May 2007

The YUI Team Is Hiring an Engineer To Work on Firebug. “... we’re opening a search for a full-time developer to work with Joe on advancing the Firebug roadmap.” # 10:40 pm

hackdiary: ApacheCon Europe 2007 keynote. Matt Biddulph’s ApacheCon keynote, which is basically about having fun with cheap hardware prototyping and starting to build spimes in both physical and virtual worlds. # 9:33 pm

Oakland crime maps VI: public, indexed data. Rather than serve content dynamically for his Oaxland Crime site, Michal Migurski plans to serve up various static indexes and have smart clients use them to quickly navigate the data. # 8:26 pm

Sun Microsystems Announces OpenID Program (via) “In order to explore the boundaries of OpenID as a trust system, Sun is offering an OpenID Provider service to its 34,000 employees.” # 8:23 pm