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Saturday, 26th May 2007

WiFi Hotspots in Oxford. The best list I’ve found, but that’s not saying a lot.

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Oxford on hotspotr. Nicely designed community WiFi hotspot site. Only lists two for Oxford at the moment; I plan to add more as I confirm them.

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Category Free Wifi on The Oxford Guide (via) More hotspots, this time with RDF, Atom and RSS feeds.

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The Oxford Guide free WiFi plotted on Google Maps. The guide offers a geocoded Atom feed which can be directly plotted on a Google Map.

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Wi-Fi Wants To Kill Your Children. Ben Goldacre tears the ridiculous Panorama WiFi episode to pieces.

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Now if WS-* technologies wants to own the niche of one proprietary platform technology talking to another in a homogeneous, closed environment...who cares? Good riddance I say. Just keep that shit off the Web.

Dare Obasanjo

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