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Sunday, 27th May 2007

The movie that time forgot (via) The tragically unmade “Zeppelin vs Pterodactyls”. # 11:58 pm

Reducing HTTP requests using make. Nice simple recipe for concatenating JavaScript in to one file using make—doesn’t do anything for cache-busting though. # 11:29 pm

Feedwhip. Create an RSS feed or e-mail alert for changes made to any Web page. # 8:43 pm

The Data Bill of Rights (via) John Battelle’s inherently sensible “draft of what rights we, as consumers, might demand from companies making hay off the data we create as we trip across the web”. # 7:28 pm

Levenshtein. Python C extension for Levenshtein distance and other advanced diff functions. # 6:51 pm

The Truth About Wireless Devices. “After eating babies, the WiFi Routers will grow to enormous size and attack our cities.” # 2:09 pm