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Thursday, 24th May 2007

OpenID for all Estonians. 1.37 million Estonians will soon have OpenIDs, secured using smart cards. I’d like to hear more about how the smart cards help tackle phishing.

# 3:55 pm / estonia, openid, smartcards

Web Security for Estonia—OpenID. “Every Estonian eID holder (around 80% of Estonian population) has an unique OpenID with the format[firstname].[lastname](.number)”

# 3:56 pm / estonia, openid

Rapid development serving 500,000 pages/hour (via) Curse Gaming are getting impressive performance out of Django.

# 4:11 pm / curse, cursegaming, django, performance, scaling

Knight Foundation grant. Adrian’s leaving the Washington Post to found EveryBlock, a startup focusing on local news and information in the style of

# 4:27 pm / adrian-holovaty, chicagocrime, everyblock, startup, washington-post

Lacking a Strunk and White Elements of Style for URI namespace, we've made a mess of it. It's long past time to grow up and recognize the serious importance of principled design in this infinitely large namespace.

Jon Udell

# 4:38 pm / jon-udell, strunkandwhite, urldesign, urls

There’s a hole in your Twitter. If you’ve been using friends-only messages on Twitter they may currently be exposed via the API.

# 5:03 pm / megpickard, security, twitter

The Twitter API Respects Your Privacy. Not Twitter’s fault: The users who exposed their data through Twittervision had given that site their username and password; Twittervision was failing to hide protected updates.

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Django unicode-branch: testers wanted. Malcolm’s outstanding work on the unicode branch appears to be nearing completion.

# 11:46 pm / django, unicode