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Tuesday, 27th March 2007

If you don’t think you’re smart enough to start a startup doing something technically difficult, just write enterprise software. Enterprise software companies aren’t technology companies, they’re sales companies, and sales depends mostly on effort.

Paul Graham # 11:57 pm

PyPy 1.0. The fascinating Python implemented in Python project reaches 1.0, and now includes a JIT compiler. It’s still not recommended for general use though. # 11:48 pm

cmemcache. Python extension for libmemcache which provides more than twice the performance of the pure-Python memcached client. Supported by Django development version. # 1:51 pm

Applied Web Heresies: ETech 2007. Phil Windley’s notes on Avi Bryant’s ETech tutorial, which shows how ideas from Avi’s Seaside framework can be ported to other languages. # 1:15 pm

mod_python: Expat Causing Apache Crash. We ran in to this problem today. # 11:49 am

How to beat Google, part 1. Rick Skrenta with 12 steps to taking on Google in the search engine space, including some great insights in to smart UI design. # 12:02 am