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Sunday, 4th March 2007

Rack. “Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks”. Ruby’s equivalent of WSGI has just hit v0.1.

# 8:49 pm / rack, ruby, wsgi

json-taglib. Because JSON just doesn’t have enough angle brackets.

# 8:52 pm / json, jsp, xml

Scaling Python for High-Load Web Sites. Slides from a talk at PyCon. Be sure to switch to the notes view (Ø in the bottom right)—a really nice overview of scaling up from a CGIs to load balanced, memcached Python application servers.

# 9:14 pm / memcached, pycon, python, scaling

pear 0.8. “A libevent/pyevent-based locking session daemon for the web”. Relational databases aren’t particularly well suited to the access characteristics of session data.

# 9:19 pm / libevent, python, sessions

PHP 4 phpinfo() XSS Vulnerability. Another reason not to run an open phpinfo() page on your server.

# 9:24 pm / php, phpinfo, security, xss

Five things I hate about Python. By Jacob Kaplan-Moss. I didn’t know you could force eggs to install unzipped with an option in ~/.pydistutils.cfg—that’s always been my least favourite thing about them.

# 10:32 pm / eggs, jacob-kaplan-moss, python