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Saturday, 24th March 2007

Most Apollo applications will likely be repurposed web pages running inside a specialized environment. [...] Imagine your heavy, always-open web apps leaving your browser tab and creating an application-like presence in your taskbar.

Niall Kennedy # 7:11 pm

Adobe Apollo: beyond the hype. Niall Kennedy explains Apollo. # 7:10 pm

Commodore 2.1-20070321 (via) Without a doubt the best WordPress theme ever. # 5:07 pm

I just cut my thumb opening the clear plastic Fortress of Solitude in which you’ve packed the cordless presenter. [...] You forced me into stabbing your product with a carving knife. Is that really the sort of “initial user experience” you were hoping for?

David Weinberger # 5:04 pm

TweetyPy. A Python-based CLI client for Twitter, by Stuart Colville # 4:47 pm

When I write a new book [...] I plan to throw away something like the first 30 or so pages. And, because I know I’m going to do it, it doesn’t worry me. I no longer have writer’s block.

Dave Thomas # 3:05 pm

Dave Thomas on Writing a Book. A series of articles on writing a technical book, from Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas. # 2:53 pm