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Tuesday, 13th March 2007

pg8000 v1.02. The pure Python PostgreSQL library now supports DB-API 2.0 (and SSL too). That didn’t take long!

# 9:18 pm / dbapi, pg8000, postgresql, python

Improve your forms using HTML5! (via) Anne Van Kesteren demonstrates the Web Forms 2 support in Opera 9—new form attributes include autofocus, required and type=email.

# 2:08 pm / annevankesteren, html5, opera, webforms2

WaSP Street Team. A new Web Standards Project initiative to encourage the promotion of Web standards in local communities. Your help needed!

# 1:40 pm / streetteam, wasp

SXSW: Web App Autopsy. Conversion rates and revenue per customer for RegOnline, FeedBurner, Wufoo, and Blinksale.

# 12:39 am / sxsw

The Figures Behind The Top Web Apps. makes $100,000 profit a year, before tax. Ryan’s slides also have cost-to-build data for Freshbooks, Maya’s Mom, Mobissimo and Wesabe.

# 12:37 am / dropsend, ryan-carson, sxsw