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Monday, 19th March 2007

Highrise Forum: Using the undocumented API. Add .xml to the end of many URLs in Highrise to get an XML representation of that page. # 11:29 pm

Highrise. The new online contact manager from 37signals—exactly the tool I need for managing my freelancing, and it even accepts OpenID. # 10:39 pm

On the BBC Annotatable Audio project... Tom’s write-up of the work done on audio annotation by the BBC Radio and Music Interactive R&D team. # 4:13 pm Online video sharing site with annotation tools, including the ability to link to a point in a video, tag specific moments and even attach time-specific comments. Reminds me of the BBC’s audio annotation project. # 4:12 pm

Algorithm Education in Python (via) A paper describing the usage of Python in Algorithm courses at UC Irvine. I found Python invaluable when I was at university and would have loved to see it become part of the official curriculum. # 1:46 pm