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Friday, 30th March 2007

Flickr content filters (via) You can now upload illustrations and screenshots to Flickr without risk of being NIPSAd, provided you label them as such.

# 3:45 pm / flickr, nipsa

Geonames machine tags, and JSON, oh my! Dan Catt plays with Geonames and Triplr.

# 3:34 pm / dan-catt, geonames, triplr

Triplr. Ultra simple GET-based web service for converting RSS / Atom / RDF / Microformats+GRDDL to HTML / ntriples / RDF / RSS / JSON / Turtle. Small pieces, loosely joined.

# 3:30 pm / atom, grddl, html, json, microformats, ntriples, rdf, rss, semanticweb, triplr, turtle

“Obsessed with putting ink on paper” (via) Fascinating essay from the authors of Lilypond describing the challenges involved in writing software to typeset music.

# 3:04 pm / lilypond, music, typography

robotlab juke bots (via) Decommissioned industrial robot arms reprogrammed to act as super precise DJs.

# 11:13 am / jukebots, matt-webb, robotarms, robotlab, robots

From Pixels to Plastic. Awesome talk given by Matt Webb at ETech, on the emerging culture of Generation C, cheap hardware prototyping and physical extensions to the online world.

# 11:09 am / etech, generationc, hardware, matt-webb