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Tuesday, 20th March 2007

JavaScript/CSS Font Detector (via) Really clever trick: detects the fonts that you have installed by writing out some text and measuring its dimensions. # 11:20 pm

Subversion Tips. To edit a Subversion log entry: svn propset --revprop -r XXX svn:log “New message here” # 2:59 pm

DED|Chain JavaScript Library (via) Dustin’s new JavaScript library, which puts a JQuery style chained API on top of YUI. # 10:36 am

A Zoned Defense. Using JavaScript’s date.getTimezoneOffset() to detect the user’s timezone and stash it in a cookie. # 9:51 am

Launch Late to Launch Often. “The bottom line being that you want to invest pre-launch such that you optimize for innovation post-launch.” # 9:50 am

Flash vs. Ajax: It’s time to expand your toolbox. Dan Webb offers his smart, pragmatic take on the Flash vs. Ajax permathread. # 9:49 am

Two visions. It looks like Mark Pilgrim is going to be joining Hixie at Google. # 8:32 am