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Sunday, 25th March 2007

Mozilla Gran Paradiso Alpha 3 Release Notes. New features include animated PNGs, <link rel="offline-resource"> and the HttpOnly cookie flag which indicates that a cookie should not be accessible to script (borrowed from IE). # 9:37 pm

Free Software Foundation to switch to Django. “FSF is switching from Zope to Django (both Python powered!) for web application development... Lots of new stuff coming soon, including contributions back to the Django community.” # 7:56 pm

Twitter from TextMate. A TextMate Bundle that lets you send your currently selected text to Twitter. # 6:10 pm

Python web development and frameworks in 2007. A fair and detailed look at the current main options for web development with Python. # 5:30 pm

JPC (via) Pure Java emulation of an x86 PC, running at 10% native speed. No code to download yet, but there’s a neat applet that lets you play Lemmings (and other games) running on FreeDOS. # 5:06 pm

JSON and JSON-RPC for Erlang. Nice example of using lists:reverse and an accumulator to efficiently build a string in reverse order. # 4:29 pm