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Thursday, 29th March 2007

Stupid what I want!

Look for a header called X-Forwarded-For, but be sure to read this first.

[... 26 words]

Spinn3r Launches Today. An API to the Tailrank blog index, so you can index the blogosphere without having to build your own spider / spam filter. # 2:34 pm

Hack Day 2007—get your diaries out. Yahoo! UK and the BBC are hosting a public hack day on the weekend of June 16th/17th at Alexandra Palace, complete with a concert from a “top secret” band. The US hack day surprise performance was Beck. # 2:24 pm

Introducing the Yahoo! Mail Web Service. 101 pages of documentation—this thing is huge! # 2:47 am

DjangoKit. Early preview release of a tool that lets you package a Django application up as a fully contained OS X application. When Leopard ships with PyObjC this kind of thing will be even easier. # 12:50 am