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Building the Social Web with OpenID. Slides from my keynote at yesterday’s PyCon UK.

# 9th September 2007, 12:36 am / keynote, openid, pyconuk, pyconuk2007, python, slides, slideshare, socialweb, talks

More Django (likely more than is healthy). Jacob’s advanced Django tutorial from PyCon. I really like the template he’s using to present the slides and notes.

# 1st March 2007, 11:08 pm / django, jacob-kaplan-moss, keynote, pycon, tutorial The MacRumors ajax keynote coverage gets better every time—now they have live photos in addition to the text updates. Simple but effective.

# 9th January 2007, 5:11 pm / ajax, apple, javascript, keynote, macrumors, osx, simplicity, steve-jobs