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Tuesday, 9th January 2007

AirPort Extreme. New today, but didn’t make the keynote. You can plug a USB hard drive in to it and access it over the network. # 7:22 pm The MacRumors ajax keynote coverage gets better every time—now they have live photos in addition to the text updates. Simple but effective. # 5:11 pm

IE JScript Performance Recommendations Part 3. Once again, Microsoft’s official advice is to avoid closures entirely rather than learn how to use them safely. Sigh. # 11:48 am

OpenID Questions. I’ve attempted to provide answers in the comments. # 11:46 am

A Semantic Solution for Presenting NSFW Content. It’s basically a NSFW microformat. # 11:45 am

Shelves in Subversion (via) Useful revision control concept that I haven’t seen before. # 11:41 am

Guide to the Dabble DB Plugin API (via) This is really nice—Dabble POSTs your plugin script a bunch of CSV values, your script returns CSV for the derived fields. Doesn’t seem to state which flavour of CSV though. # 11:37 am