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Monday, 8th January 2007

Why doesn’t Python have more data format readers in the stdlib? I for one would love to see simplejson included in the standard library, with or without a C implementation.

# 1:03 am / json, python, stdlib

supervisor2. I haven’t tried this yet, but looks like a decent process monitoring tool. It even has an XML-RPC interface.

# 1:19 am / python, supervisor, xmlrpc toys. Ninja and Viking kittens, a Blode and even a Spongmonkey!

# 12:11 pm / kittens, rathergood, spongmonkeys, toys

rathergood Plush Toys product demos. The ones that weren’t eventually manufactured include a Rock Otter and a Northern Kitten.

# 1:30 pm / joel-veitch, otters, rathergood

If your average iPod weighs five ounces with packaging, then Apple has moved about 21,875,000 pounds of them, equivalent in weight to 1,325 full-grown male African elephants, 35 times as many as Hannibal's force.

Paul Ford

# 1:46 pm / apple, hannibal, ipod, paul-ford

Buggy Saints Row: The Musical. An inspired musical piss-take from Cabel Sasser.

# 6:08 pm / cabelsasser, funny, musical, saintsrow (via) Parsing mime-types is harder than you might think.

# 6:43 pm / james-bennett, mimetypes, python

The Second Life Viewer is now open-source (via) I’d heard that the biggest barrier to this was the need to protect the SL economy from malicious disruption. The FAQ is fascinating, and a real tribute to open-source principles.

# 6:47 pm / open-source, secondlife

With this much storage, you can imagine filesystems in which files are never deleted and files are never rewritten. The filesystem never forgets. Such systems could be much more reliable than the systems we use today which are based on the assumption that storage is a constrained resource.

Douglas Crockford

# 7:04 pm / douglas-crockford, storage

If you are subject to an XSS, the same domain policy already ensures that you're f'd. An XSS attack is the "root" or "ring 0" attack of the web.

Alex Russell

# 10:48 pm / alex-russell, security, xss

Apple’s Next-Generation Themes. Cabel’s spotted an Apple patent with screenshots of their in-house tool for creating resolution independent user interface themes.

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