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Wednesday, 24th January 2007

We have a unique opportunity with phishing and OpenID. OpenID can make the possibility for bad things to happen from phishing that much worse. However, having an OpenID means you create a more intimate relationship with your OpenID provider. You go there everyday. You will more likely know when something is wrong.

Scott Kveton

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MyOpenID: New anti-phishing tools available. Includes SafeSignIn, which removes the login form from the landing page. You have to enable it in your preferences though.

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Flickr Machine Tags. A new feature for API developers that lets them stuff arbritrary namespaced key/value pairs in to tags and query them using the API. Even without range queries, this will enable a ton of exciting new third party developments.

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Which is the real explanation of where the name XMLHTTP comes from- the thing is mostly about HTTP and doesn't have any specific tie to XML other than that was the easiest excuse for shipping it so I needed to cram XML into the name (plus- XML was the hot technology at the time and it seemed like some good marketing for the component).

Alex Hopmann

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