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Saturday, 13th January 2007

OSCON 2007 Call for Participation. The submission deadline is February 5th; the conference itself is July 23rd to 27th.

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Solid State Disk Changes The Game. “What if you had 2GB of RAM to compute, 32GB of SSD for fast random access, and 250GB of the slow kind. How would that change the way you design, and the kind of features you build?”

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The JavaScript alert(), confirm() and prompt() functions in Firefox, Opera and MSIE (but not Safari) will truncate the message after any null character. So an unsuspecting programmer who inserts user-provided text into one of these dialog boxes opens up an opportunity for the user to rewrite the bottom of the dialog box.

Neil Fraser

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Apache Solr 1.1. Solr is the search Web Service built on top of Lucene. The latest release introduces JSON, Python and Ruby response formats in addition to XML.

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