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Wednesday, 17th January 2007

FIPA Abstract Architecture. Bill de hÓra shows how the work of the Intelligent Agents communit relates to SOA / WS-*. We studied FIPA at University and the parallels to parts of the Web Service stack are pretty interesting. # 11:32 pm

Mono-based device wins Best-of-Show at CES. “The Sansa Connect is running Linux as its operating system, and the whole application stack is built on Mono, running on an ARM processor.” # 11:21 pm

Inside Case study of scaling against a network effect. Includes pretty honest coverage of the mistakes made along the way, although the article was put together second hand from conference presentations rather than from interviews. # 9:18 am

MySpace: Too Much of a Good Thing? CSS customization really was just the result of forgetting to strip HTML. They “eventually” decided to filter out JavaScript(!) # 9:09 am