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Tuesday, 16th January 2007

As software architects, power consumption is now squarely in our camp to manage. There is plenty we can do to improve the quantity of power our data centers consume. [...] This is not just a hardware problem any longer.

Dan Pritchett

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OpenID users can be just as trusty as local users. Martin Atkins makes a similar argument to my own: OpenIDs are trustworthy, provided you subject them to the same authentication steps (CAPTCHA/e-mail validation) as regular users.

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How can my non-tech-savvy Mum maintain her own website?

Here’s a trick I’ve used in the past. Find a simple wiki package (I used Tavi). Install it, twice. Point both installations at the same backend database. Now password protect one of them with .htaccess—that’s the one that gets used to edit her site. Make some simple template modifications to the other one to make it not look like a wiki—remove the edit links (and delete the edit saving code for good measure), configure it to display WikiLinks with spaces in the middle, then add the site’s navigation around the top. This wiki will be the public site.

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New Dutch accessibility law. Sounds extremely forward thinking, designed by people who really understand the field. Just one problem: the guidelines are only available in Dutch!

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Gmail Atom feeds. Could be useful as a pipe for creating an e-mail interface to an existing Atom-consuming application.

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