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Saturday, 27th January 2007 Use your Yahoo! account as an OpenID

In an ideal world, some or all of the sites with large user databases (Yahoo!, AOL, Google, Amazon and so on) would act as OpenID providers, allowing their users to sign in to OpenID supporting sites around the Web. Until that happens, people who want to use OpenID need to sign up for Yet Another Account to do so.

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Web Services based on SOAP and WSDL are "Web" in name only. In fact, they are a hostile overlay of the Web based on traditional enterprise middleware architectural styles that has fallen far short of expectations over the past decade.

Nick Gall, VP Gartner

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OpenID Enabled: OpenID Tests. Useful for checking if your OpenID consumer or server are working OK.

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How-to: Read and Write NTFS Windows Partition on Mac OS X. NTFS driver for MacFUSE, with full read and write support. Great for BootCamp.

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MacFUSE Tech Demos from Amit Singh’s Macworld 2007 Talk (via) DocsFS, PicasawebFS, ProfFS, RSSFS and SpotlightFS. Eye-opening—especially the ease with which they can be mounted.

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Introduction to Neogeography (via) Having run in to Andrew Turner at last year’s EuroOSCON, this is the first O’Reilly Short Cuts PDF that I’ve been seriously tempted to buy.

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