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Friday, 19th January 2007

I can also sum things up for you even more succinctly:
—users are task oriented, driving to complete the goal the
quickest way possible
—users pay more attention to the content area than the browser chrome
—users don’t understand how easy it is to spoof a website

Mike Beltzner # 5:33 pm

Links to academic papers on phishing. Posted to the openid-general list by Mike Beltzner. # 5:32 pm

Solving the OpenID phishing problem

Most of the arguments I hear against OpenID are based on mis-understandings of the specification, but there is one that can’t be ignored: OpenID is extremely vulnerable to phishing.

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TagMaps. The toolkit behind the new YRB World Explorer, available to developers as a reusable Flash component. # 10:01 am

Introducing: World Explorer and TagMaps. “Can we automatically extract information from Flickr geotagged images to create a rich visualization of the world we live in? The answer is: you bet.” # 9:55 am

MySpace Blocking Widgets? Making your business dependent on revenue from MySpace is sharecropping of the worst possible kind. # 9:54 am

The NHL’s All-Star voting disaster. The NHL ran an online poll to decide which players are picked for their All-Star Game. The only authentication was a poorly implemented CAPTCHA. Unsurprisingly, it got gamed. # 9:50 am