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Wednesday, 10th January 2007

Design Comics Templates 1.0 (via) Free OpenOffice slides with cartoons suitable for use in technical storyboards. # 11:31 pm

What Python looks like naked. Michal Wallace has been doing some really interesting work writing purely functional code in Python. His latest experiment replaces all of the basic Python statements with equivalent functions. # 11:22 pm

Atom API for AOL Journals. AOL are doing some really cool things with the Atom Publishing Protocol. # 11:06 pm

AACS: Extracting and Using Keys. Another DRM system bites the dust, this time when it’s only just made it out of the gate. # 11:05 pm

Offline Gmail and Blogger Using the Dojo Offline Toolkit. These are just mockups at the moment, but they’re a useful illustration of how offline browsing modes for Web applications could work. # 12:40 pm

Nginx vs. Lighttpd for a small VPS. My VPS is still running nginx with no problems at all. # 11:31 am

In fact Django reminds me a bit of the character in Airplane who always answers the “what do you make of that?” question literally... “Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...”

Scott Gilbertson # 11:17 am

An OpenID is not an account!

I’m excited to see that OpenID has finally started to gain serious traction outside of the Identity community. Understandably, misconceptions about OpenID continue to crop-up. The one I want to address in this entry is the idea that an OpenID can be used as a replacement for a regular user account.

[... 601 words]

Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007. They’ve dropped the IE renderer and replaced it with... Microsoft Word! No CSS background images, no floats, no CSS positioning, no forms. Wow. # 8:18 am