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Friday, 26th January 2007

VCS Migration: The Hare and the Tortoise. Bazaar and Mercurial compared from the point of view of importing 1 million diffs from Mozilla CVS. Bazaar’s import is more robust but will take more than a month to complete. # 11:44 pm

Web 2.0 domain name generating shell script. ... sed “s/er$/” ... # 11:29 pm

Web 2.0 Company Name Generator. I talked to a company recently who had actually used this to come up with a name for one of their products. # 6:38 pm

Opera Skins: Tango CL. This skin is the first thing I install when I set up Opera. It’s an enormous improvement on the default. # 4:16 pm

The Django Book: Deploying Django. Solid advice based on years of experience at the Journal-World and the Washington Post. # 12:38 pm

Farm subsidies in United Kingdom. Top recipients of EU subsidies in the UK include Tate and Lyle and Nestle—do they really need the money? # 12:07 pm

We’re the largest domain registrar in the world, and my view is, for $8.95 its not okay for somebody to come and use our services to harm other people.

GoDaddy spokesperson # 10:20 am

XForms in Firefox (via) Practical tutorial on taking advantage of the Firefox XForms plugin, sadly not yet bundled with the browser itself. # 9:59 am

MySpace Allegedly Kills Computer Security Website. No need for the allegedly; it’s been confirmed. MySpace got to redirect DNS for after a list of phished user accounts posted to the full disclosure mailing list list was archived there. # 9:57 am

Ninja kitten band win Coke battle (via) There’s a headline you don’t expect to see on BBC News. # 1:05 am

Justin Mason: more on social whitelisting with OpenID. The author of spam assassin warns that whitelist-based trust networks are a lot harder than they look. # 1:02 am

Social whitelisting with OpenID... ( Tom’s write-up of the social whitelisting idea. Lots of sceptics in the comments. # 1 am