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Over the last twenty years, publishing systems for content on [BBC] News pages have come and gone, having been replaced or made obsolete. Although newer content is published through dynamic web applications that can be readily modified, what lies beneath this sometimes resembles layers of sedimentary rock.

James Donohue # 6th July 2018, 11:02 pm


Outcry over TV kidney competition. Reality television is now a parody of itself. # 29th May 2007, 11:01 pm

If you found a hole in software that millions of people use, and is very high profile, you can sell that to the highest bidder for perhaps one or two million dollars.

Jacques Erasmus # 4th February 2007, 7:06 pm

Ninja kitten band win Coke battle (via) There’s a headline you don’t expect to see on BBC News. # 26th January 2007, 1:05 am