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OpenID and Spam. Matt Mullenweg: “OpenID has a ton of promise for the web—let’s not hurt it by setting people up for disappointment by telling them it’s a spam blocker when it’s not.” True for the case of general registration, but I still believe whitelisting known OpenIDs could be a powerful tool for fighting spam on personal sites.

# 2nd April 2008, 7:33 pm / matt-mullenweg, openid, socialwhitelisting, spam, whitelisting


DiSo: Distributed Social Networking applications (via) New project to prototype a decentralised social network on top of WordPress, using OpenID, microformats and social whitelisting.

# 6th December 2007, 5:48 pm / diso, microformats, openid, prortablesocialnetworks, socialwhitelisting

Justin Mason: more on social whitelisting with OpenID. The author of spam assassin warns that whitelist-based trust networks are a lot harder than they look.

# 26th January 2007, 1:02 am / openid, socialwhitelisting, spamassassin

Social whitelisting with OpenID... ( Tom’s write-up of the social whitelisting idea. Lots of sceptics in the comments.

# 26th January 2007, 1 am / openid, socialwhitelisting, spam, tom-coates