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Wednesday, 31st January 2007

Flickr users are marked as such in the Yahoo user database. What this means is that the account is permanently protected from deletion, even if you cancel your SBC-Yahoo DSL and even if you never check your Yahoo Mail (if you elect to have one). Both free and pro accounts are protected. And your Yahoo signon name will not be displayed anywhere on Flickr -- your existing Flickr username will stay the same.

crawl on MeFi # 10:27 pm

Spelling correction using the Python Natural Language Toolkit. Uses porter stemming to implement a search engine ’did you mean’ feature based on the Brown Corpus. # 10:07 pm

Two hosts are considered equivalent if both host names can be resolved into the same IP addresses [...] Note: The defined behavior for equals is known to be inconsistent with virtual hosting in HTTP. documentation # 9:13 pm

Mr. Gosling—why did you make URL equals suck?!? Wow, the behaviour of is completely idiotic. # 8:40 pm

Announcing Jyte. “Jyte is a simple service that allows you to associate claims, credibility and contacts to build a reputation with your OpenID”. The OpenID landscape is wide open for innovation like this. # 6:04 pm

Wow! Fantastic photo. # 9:36 am