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Saturday, 10th February 2007

Speaking at the Future of Web Apps

Just a quick update to say that I’ll be speaking at the Future of Web Apps conference in London on February the 21st, talking about OpenID. I really enjoyed last year’s event and feel honored to be included in such an exciting schedule.

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About I love sites with a colophon. is powered by Django. # 10:57 pm (via) Brilliant Google Maps mashup in a similar vein to Chicago Crime—displays screen-scraped bus timetable information for Oxfordshire and Surrey in a far more useful format. # 10:56 pm

OpenID (and TypeKey) using native OpenSSL functions in PHP. Wez Furlong shows how a small patch to PHP’s OpenSSL support makes it a whole lot easier to perform the cryptography behind OpenID (at the moment you need to use the bc or gmp modules). # 10:49 pm

Blanket Fort. xkcd on why you still want one. # 4:30 pm

No boys allowed. Ask MetaFilter on how to build the perfect fort. # 4:29 pm