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Monday, 5th February 2007

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us. Absolutely worth watching—don’t be put off by the title. # 11:05 pm

The window.onload problem (still). Peter Michaux offers the most comprehensive overview of this important topic to date. # 8:13 pm

SMTP Service Extension for Yadis Discovery. Could potentially let you use your e-mail address as an OpenID, although personally I wouldn’t always want to hand my address over to third-party sites. # 9:44 am

This site may harm your computer. Tom Dyson’s personal weblog was flagged by Google as hosting malicious software, without any clue as to what the problem was. Sure looks like a false positive to me. # 9:26 am

A brief update with some numbers for hardware load-balanced mongrels. 4000 requests/second on 48 mongrels behind a hardware load balancer. # 12:38 am