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Friday, 9th February 2007

Sumo! A Generic Microformats Parser For JavaScript. Dan Webb’s BarCamp talk on Metaprogramming JavaScript will be a must-see. # 10:57 am

Hanselminutes Podcast on OpenID. Good podcast discussion on OpenID, from a .NET developer’s perspective. # 9:19 am

Parallel Python. A simple mechanism for running Python code in parallel across multiple processes and/or machines, based on submitting jobs and retrieving their results. # 1:51 am

The Psychology of Security. I haven’t even started on this yet, but I bet it’s worth reading. # 1:27 am

.php? .cgi? .who-cares? J-P Stacey argues that “URLs need to be hackable by the developer as well as by the user”. There’s certainly room for improvement in keeping complex URL structures maintainable from a server-side developer’s perspective. # 1:01 am

Mono 1.2.3 has been released (via) More importantly, it ships with IronPython in the form of Seo Sanghyeon’s Community Edition. # 12:55 am

Add OpenSearch to your site in five minutes. OpenSearch is easy. DeWitt demonstrates how you don’t even need a site search engine to implement it if you take advantage of Google’s site: operator. # 12:52 am

First Oxford Geek Night a success! It really was the best evening geek event I’ve been to in a very long time. # 12:51 am

The OpenID Directory. A new directory of OpenID consumers and providers. If they can make sure that the listed sites actually let you log in this could become a really valuable resource. # 12:19 am